The music of Bedtime Explorers

Gentleforce is the ambient solo project by Sydney-based sound artist Eli Murray. Even if you haven't seen the name before, there’s a good chance you’ve heard his music in Kinderling's award-nominated meditation series, Bedtime Explorers.

Murray has always based his work in the worlds of field recordings and meditational synth music, with a focus on psychogeography and its interaction between the natural environment, spatial histories and the emotional impact these have on the individual. Fusing these concepts with his love of traditional ceremonial music from around the world - and the influence of his many years of DJing at clubs - has created a unique melting pot of sounds to submerge the listener within.

Meditation is at the core of everything Murray does and his music has always aspired to transcendence through deep listening, guiding the listener to healing and positive sound environments.

Reviews from The Guardian have described his music as having “a depth of emotion ... verging on unbearable”. Sydney Morning Herald characterise it as “a symphony of somnambulance” and Norman Records (UK) enthuse with “words will never describe the sonic beauty of what I'm hearing here, a spiritual aural love letter to the light and dark of our hidden surroundings.”

Hear the music of Gentleforce in Bedtime Explorers, every night on Sleepy Soundtrack or buy his music on Bandcamp