Mr Snot Bottom

The king of disgusting facts on Busy Bodies

Mr Snot Bottom is a children's comedian, brimming with information on all the (gross) topics kids love: boogers, pop-offs, bottoms, smells etc.

He's joined the Kinderling to bring our Busy Bodies podcast to life - a show aimed at older kids and all the curly body questions they ask.

When he's not on your airwaves, you can catch him performing live shows across the country. His show is a 50 minute roller-coaster of weirdness, full of gross kids' stand-up, horrible stories and just bizarre characters and audio-visual theatre that is perfect for kids aged 6 to 12.

He might sound icky to parents, but he sounds FANTASTIC to kids... and he ensures grown-ups have a good laugh, too!

Wherever he goes and whatever he does, he's always sure to have kids in stiches. So buckle in, and prepare for a good time!

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