Shevonne Hunt

Presenter, Kinderling Conversation

Shevonne Hunt is a presenter, journalist, producer, and mum of two. After developing her career in community radio and ABC Radio covering current affairs and lifestyle topics she shifted to presenting Kinderling Conversation.

Shevonne is a trusted voice, filtering out the excess noise and giving parents and carers the information they want. This covers everything from tips on starting solids, to understanding toddler tantrums and how to maintain a healthy, happy relationship with your partner.

She speaks with a real voice, as a mother, wife and friend, and aims to help every adult caring for a child to thrive, not just survive. She also writes honest, funny and uplifting op-ed pieces for several national online publications (including titles such as Daily Life, Essential Kids, Kidspot and Rendezview).

Listen to the Kinderling Conversation here

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