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Mon 26 June 2017

31 mins
Featured the following interviews

Australia's early education sector is improving, but we're trailing behind other OECD countries

CEO of Early Childhood Australia Samantha Page joins us to explain the latest statistics, and how a lack of quality pre-school education can impact our children into adolesence To read…
9 mins

Kinderling Helpline: weaning off dummies, bath-time tantrums, dressing a fidgety toddler

Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue answers your cries for help from all over the country. This episode she tackles sleep regression, sensitivity, bored eaters, bath-time tantrum throwing, and more For more…
20 mins

Fri 23 June 2017

30 mins
Featured the following interviews

What Gonski 2.0 means for the future of our education system

In the early hours of this morning the senate passed a reformed Gonski package, dubbed "Gonski 2.0" set to boost funding to our education system Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham
7 mins

Fussy eaters? There's a fun new picture book for that

Dietitian and mum Kate Wengier was sick of her kids refusing to eat vegetables, so she enlisted the help of her four children to write a book called What If
9 mins

Thu 22 June 2017

34 mins
Featured the following interviews

Teaching your kids to fail well with Dr. Laura Jana

Paediatrician and author of the best selling book The Toddler Brain, Dr. Laura Jana joins Kinderling Conversation for a special three part series looking into how we interact with…
15 mins

How Hygge can make families happy

What is hygge and how can we incorporate it into our daily lives this winter? We chat to Charlotte Thaarup of The Mindfulness Clinic about this Danish word and concept.
9 mins

Wed 21 June 2017

33 mins
Featured the following interviews

Would you donate breast milk to a mum you didn't know?

Research shows that premature babies benefit hugely from being breast-fed. But what happens when it's not possible Ben Hartmann of King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth shines a light on…
16 mins

What to do when gastro hits your family

Gastro is a nasty business. Not only is it far from glamorous, but it can take hit your whole family at once if you're not vigilant Dr. Natalie Caristo from…
8 mins

The Winter Wellness series - Part 3: Daytime

How can you maintain energy throughout a cold winter's day? We ask naturopath Emma Sutherland and mindfulness coach Amy Taylor-Kabbaz what they recommend for fighting fit families. For Emma's hearty…
8 mins

Tue 20 June 2017

34 mins
Featured the following interviews

The Winter Wellness series - Part 2: Morning

We're into Part Two of our Winter Wellness series - making the most of every morning. Jumping out of bed is definitely more difficult without the light, but mindfulness coach…
10 mins

Why sewing is coming back into fashion

When was the last time you picked up a needle and thread Sewing seems to have disappeared from the modern mother’s skill set, but Trixie Symonds is bringing it back…
9 mins

Mon 19 June 2017

34 mins
Featured the following interviews

Kinderling Helpline: toddler tantrums, swaddling advice, sharing toys

Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue tackles your parenting questions this week with everything from how to deal with a child refusing solids, sibling fights getting physical, day sleeps, and more Find…
18 mins

The Winter Wellness series - Part 1: Evening

Very few families make it through an entire winter without being hit with some sort of ailment. And sickness is always made worse when days are shorter, colder and let's…
14 mins


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