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Fri 24 February 2017

37 mins
Featured the following interviews

Parent Panel: kids' show we can’t stand, parental leave and sharenting

Presenter / author Marc Fennell (SBS, ABC) and journalist  Madeleine Genner (ABC) join us to discuss the big issues parents face. Which kids shows do you love to hate…
37 mins

Thu 23 February 2017

36 mins
Featured the following interviews

Should Australia make smacking illegal?

At the beginning of the year France became the 52nd country to ban smacking, should Australia do the same? Robin Barker, author of Baby Love, takes us through the thorny…
16 mins

Co-sleeping: the taboo topic

Most parents seem to do it, but few will admit to it. Co-sleeping can be a controversial topic, but author of Mother Zen Jacinta Tynan says it doesn’t need to…
13 mins

Wed 22 February 2017

34 mins
Featured the following interviews

What do immunisations protect our children from?

Dr Elysia Thornton-Benko from Bondi Road Doctors takes us through the ages our kids need to get their shots, and what they’re protected from once they get them. For specific information…
16 mins

Designing a kids' museum space from scratch

The Pauline Gandal Children’s Gallery at the Melbourne Museum was three years in the making, and involved an incredible amount of consultation with daycare centres, special needs groups, children from…
15 mins

Tue 21 February 2017

28 mins
Featured the following interviews

Maggie Dent on managing sibling rivalry

Parenting educator Maggie Dent gives us her tips on how to help your children resolve their differences, without losing your mind This Better Families segment is brought to you by…
11 mins

Why your brain is the key to losing weight

Psychologist, nutrition coach and personal trainer Leanne Hall believes that achieving sustainable weight loss has nothing to do with diets. In this interview she gives tips on how to start…
14 mins

Mon 20 February 2017

38 mins
Featured the following interviews

Kinderling Helpline: bottle-rejecting babies, dummy dilemmas and early risers

Today Mothercraft Nurse and author of Bringing Baby HomeChris Minogue gives listeners specific advice on dropping day sleeps, getting rid of the dummy for good and what to…
19 mins

Why we need to think twice about “sharenting”

Is there any harm in posting images of our kids on Facebook? We all love to share the moments that make us laugh or smile, so why should we ask…
15 mins

Fri 17 February 2017

35 mins
Featured the following interviews

Parent Panel: Sugar tax, Beyonce & surviving kids' parties

Should we have a sugar tax? Are firstborn kids the smartest? And how do you do kids' parties without going broke or insane? Choice journalist Kate Browne and broadcaster  …
35 mins