Activism for kids: How this daycare centre is changing the world

Part of the Kinderling Conversation for parents. Weekdays 12pm-1pm.

Tue 7 August 2018

14 mins

Childcare centres can be busy places.

There’s painting, crafting, building, singing and sometimes, activism.

Early childhood educators Julia Timpson and Benny Time take us through how the children at Kelly’s Place Children’s Centre saw something wrong in the world, and how they went about fixing it.

The project came about as the children had been researching into the original custodians of the land, the Cammeraygal people. The children had noticed rubbish ewas being left on the land above our centre and began to discuss notions of unfairness and disrespect, toward the Cammeraygal people as this was there land

From here the children decided to make a sign in the hope it may encourage people to take there rubbish with them. The children went to the area and chose a place to leave their sign (or by this stage, many signs).

Students from Kelly's Place Children's Centre with the sign they made asking the public to pick up their rubbish from the areas surrounding the centre.

The rubbish persisted and it was during one clean up mission the children realised there wasn’t a bin for people to put their rubbish. The concern of the children culminated in them deciding they had to get a bin for this area.

But who to speak to? After discussions they realised that council where the ones to speak to. They decided that writing a letter would be the best initial step. So they did. They also encouraged parents to take pictures with their sign to go with their letter, showing community support.

And then there was the meeting…

The rest is history.

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