The Parent Panel: Birds and bees, date nights, runaway kids

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Fri 27 April 2018

31 mins

Comedian and dad of two Gary Eck joins mum of two and founder of Mummy Time Chezzi Denyer, as they take on the very serious task of jumping behind the mic on The Parent Panel this week; tackling the topics that have had the parenting world abuzz.

From whether or not children should have access to a picture book about sex education at Kmart, the impact of a big age gap in your romantic relationship/s, what makes a date night a success after kids, and the most hilarious and terrifying things kids can get up to when they try to escape.

When do you start talking to your kids about sex?

A book for kids called The Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made has recently become visible on the shelves at Kmart. It’s author Fiona Katauskas made the book after her son asked her where babies came from and all she could find was the outdated Where Did I Come From? books from the 70s. Some parents responded angrily, saying that children don’t need to know about sex. When can you start talking to children about sex? 

When does an age gap between couples become a problem?

Apparently most couples in the West prefer partners their own age, but are not averse to going 10-15 years older or younger. The success of bigger age gaps in relationships depends upon their shared values, beliefs and goals about their relationship. Love is love. But what kind of impact can a bigger age gap have on starting a family? What happens if you have babies with someone five years away from retirement? 

What makes a successful date night?

Blogger Olivia White recently struck a chord with her followers about the reality of date night. That it can’t always be putting on a pretty frock and going somewhere romantic. For a modern and busy parent, date nights can come in all shapes and sizes.

What makes a date night successful? Does having pizza and watching TV really count? Do you actually have to talk?

The craziest thing your kid has ever done

You may have read about the 12-year-old boy who stole his mum’s credit card and flew to Bali where he booked into the Four Seasons Hotel. Gary and Chezzi talk about the craziest things their kids have done, and whether or not getting a dead locked front door is in either of their futures any time soon.

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