The Parent Panel: Consent and nappies, the royal wedding, gender politics, when parents snap

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Fri 18 May 2018

29 mins

The essential ingredients for this episode of The Parent Panel are none of than Kate Browne a.k.a The Guilty Mum and CHOICE  journalist and Neer Korn from The Korn Group. The topics mixed in to the recipe of parenting chats are;

  • Should you be asking your child for their consent to change their nappy?
  • The royal wedding and last minute wedding drama
  • Gender politics and kids
  • Two Sydney Mums were caught on camera in a brawl over a parking spot out the front of their children's school. What has been your tipping point as a parent?

The issue of consent 

This week CEO of Body Safe Australia Deanne Carson caused a media furore when she suggested that babies should be asked for consent before changing their nappies. It was part of a wider discussion about the complexities around consent. What do you think about asking babies, and following on from that, children for consent before you do things? Why do you think this particular suggestion caused such a vitriolic response?

Wedding dramas

Poor old Meghan Markle can’t cop a break with her family.  With the royal wedding taking place this weekend, it  feels like all the skeletons are out of the closet, and cheering on from the sidelines. The latest is her dad has dropped out of the wedding so he doesn’t cause the royal family “embarrassment”. Everyone has an appalling wedding story (either a wedding they’ve been to, or their own)… what’s yours?

Gender politics and children

The politics around gender and children can be a confusing business. What does liking pink, or playing with cars have to do with equality? This week on Kinderling ConversationAnthony Semann was in the studio to try and tease apart what it all means. What do you think are the most important things we need to teach our children in order for them to be empowered and equal? Do you think colours and toys have a part to play?

The Tipping Point

Two Sydney mums made the headlines this week after a very public altercation in their school’s car park. The Principal of the school was quick to condemn the mothers (as was everyone else) which in one sense is fair enough. No one should be having fisty cuffs in the school carpark, especially not parents. But we all have a breaking point, and maybe these two women had reached theirs. Parenting is not for the faint hearted. When have you reached breaking point, and what was the result? (and what did you do about it… were you happy with the way you handled the aftermath… or did you take it as a “lesson learned”.)

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