How to combat cradle cap

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Wed 20 September 2017

5 mins

We’ve all seen it, and if not with our own bub, with someone else’s. But what the heck is cradle cap?

Dr Elysia Thorton Benko is a GP from Bondi Road Doctors and she explains a bit more about this common skin ailment.

"It's really very harmless," Elysia assures. "It's that oily crusting over the scalp of a child or new born baby in the first 3-4 months of life."

In utero and just after birth, the sebaceous glands are very active, and cradle cap occurs when the glands on the scalp are overreacting.

Not all babies get it, and in differing amounts but the great news is that it’s definitely not contagious. Normally cradle cap will self-resolve, particularly by three to four months of age.

There are a couple of remedies if you would to minimise the effects, listen to this short five-minute interview with Elysia for her top tips!

And if it's an extensive patch with redness, itching and irritation, then Elysia advises it's probably not cradle cap and you should see your GP.

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