Why parents should ask about their day care’s sleep practices

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Tue 3 October 2017

12 mins

Do you know how your child care providers put your child to sleep? Do you know where they put them to sleep?

Cindy Davenport is a child health nurse, midwife and codirector of Safe Sleep Space, a consultancy group specialising in sleep and settling of infants and toddlersShe says that the key to being on top of your Day Care’s sleep practices is to talk to them.

After the inquest into the 2012 death of five-month-old Indianna Rose Hicks while in family daycare, it is now compulsory for all education and care services to have sleep and rest policies and procedures in place.

All child care professionals need to be formally trained and kept up to date around the safe sleeping elements. Policies need to be displayed, with sleeping environments being day and night safe. This includes being aware of and avoiding unsafe practices like having pillows in cots, or lying the baby down on the tummy or side, even if the parent has requested this. Educators may now speak up against these things.

This means it's more important than ever for parents to have conversations with carers and educators. Ask how your child is sleeping at child care and where.

For more tips and information, listen to our full chat with Cindy. Check out the full requirements on the Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority website.

For more on Safe Sleep Space and their education for carers, check out their education website.

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