Five tips to make your road trip more pleasant

Part of the Kinderling Conversation for parents. Weekdays 12pm-1pm.

Thu 13 April 2017

6 mins

Deborah Dickson-Smith from Out and About With Kids gives us her top five tips for making a road trip enjoyable.

  1. A drive plan. Before you head off, discuss and agree a drive plan with your partner. Where and when to stop along the way for toilet and lunch breaks, when to swap drivers.
  2. A device loaded with games to play and things to watch, and some way of attaching it to the seat in front so kids don't get sore necks or car sick.
  3. Enough head phones for all, and a head-phone splitter in case more than one child wants to watch the same screen/listen to the same music.
  4. A pack of cards. And maybe a couple of board games, for those rainy days. Definitely NOT a game with lots of little bits (like Monopoly) that can get lost on holiday.
  5. Sick bags. I usually nab one or two every time I fly somewhere, so we have a stash in the car.

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