Why making time for your own happiness is vital for every parent

Part of the Kinderling Conversation for parents. Weekdays 12pm-1pm.

Wed 25 April 2018

15 mins

When you have small children, life is full. Getting through the day is an accomplishment.

We talk a lot about "me time" and it's considered a serious luxury once you start a family. But Dr Darren Morton says that taking care of yourself should be top priority when you're a parent.

After all, how can you be a carer for others when you aren't taking care of yourself too?

Darren explains why "me time" isn't a luxury item, what can happen if you don't make time for yourself, and gives us some simple ways to make time for ourselves every day.

To get your hands on a copy of Darren's latest book Live More Happy: Scientifically proven ways to lift your mood and your life, head to all good book stores or order online.

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