How to protect your kids when you're posting online

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Wed 11 April 2018

10 mins

We've been told that sharing photos of our kids online is not safe.

The images could end up anywhere. But sharing is fun- because we like to keep our friends and family updated on what's happening with our kids.

What about our privacy too, particularly in the wake of the Facebook privacy breaches and the Cambridge Analytica scandal that, reportedly, could have affected upward of 300,000 Australians?

Tinybeans might be the solution you've been looking for. CEO Eddie Geller explains what their platform is all about, and what sets it apart from other social media sites.

For more information on Tinybeans, check out their website.

"CRAZY that 7 months ago, this tiny 7 lb squishy met the world! Feels like yesterday that Jack wasn’t much bigger than Grandpa’s hand. 😭♥️ Back then, I had no idea how to manage the millions of photos! With Tinybeans, I was able to share this #TinybeansMemory with Grandpa & the rest of the family. SO convenient when everyone wants baby photo updates!" - @kyndalsoto _____________________ They grow up so fast! Remember your child's life story with Tinybeans, the Modern Baby Album App. Tinybeans was built by parents, for parents to share pregnancy & childhood pics with your family and easily record their milestones. They receive daily email updates - no smartphone needed. Invite as many people as you’d like and get unlimited storage for all your photos, videos, milestones and notes. Perfect for parents and moms-to-be! Download Tinybeans today and see why over 2 million parents trust us with their memories. _____________________ #tinybeansmoment #tinybeansmemory #tinybeanskids #tinybeans #memory #memorybook #momlife #dadlife #parentlife #parenthood #app #memories #children #baby #babybook

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