The Parent Panel: Banning school holidays, bad parenting habits, travelling with kids and more

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Fri 8 June 2018

24 mins

Jason  Treuen from Babyology and musician Angie  Who jump in the studio with Shevonne  Hunt for this episode of The Parent Panel.

Using their infinite wisdom and parental prowess they tackle the big issues that have had parents talking across the country.

  • Should school holidays be banned
  • Would you travel first class without your kids?
  • Worst parenting habits
  • Has your little one every surprised you: From the good (random acts of generosity) to the bad (surprise farts to the face anyone?)

Battle of the Titans: School vs work 

Once your child starts school you understand just how incompatible education is to sustaining a career. For starters school hours and holidays in no way match the time we need to be at work. What a difference it would make if school life took into account the busy work schedules of grown ups? There are all the school projects, special mufti days and don’t even get us started on Book Week. As Asher Wolf on Medium wrote, these kinds of projects really require either a lot of money, or a stay-at-home parent who can dedicate the time required to make costumes etc. Is it time we sat down and had a serious discussion about how education and work can exist peacefully together? 

Travelling with kids

TV host Kirstie Allsopp copped a lot of flack when she admitted that when she travels overseas with her family, she and her husband travel first class, while her kids sit behind in economy. To some parents though, it sounds awesome. Actually getting to a destination with children can be the biggest source of pain. What are the pros and cons of traveling with your family?

What’s your worst parenting habit?

This week Jessica Alba revealed her worst parenting habit. Apparently when her kids ask her where anything is she tells them it’s “up their butt”.  Shevonne admits that on weekends she's been known to give my kids a phone or an iPad if it will allow her to lie in bed for a while longer, pretending that she's actually having a sleep in. What’s your worst parenting habit? 

What’s the most surprising thing your child has done?

One of Shevonne's friends told her the following story about her child. 

"When we forgot to leave money out from the tooth fairy (poor forgotten middle child) and the oldest child (8 at the time) came in that morning with the tooth (6 year old was asleep) and said 'Mummy and daddy you forgot about the tooth fairy. But don't worry I've sorted it.' - He had taken the tooth away and gone to his piggy bank and put $3 of coins under her pillow so she wasn't disappointed."

When has your child surprised you? (in both good and bad ways!)

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