Justine Clarke talks music, Play School and dad crushes

Part of the Kinderling Conversation for parents. Weekdays 12pm-1pm.

Mon 12 October 2015

21 mins

On the eve of her tour, the singer/actress discusses making her latest album Pyjama Jam, balancing music with being a mum and her biggest dad fans. Here's our five favourite things we learned from our chat.

Kids make her more productive
“I’ve realised I need a deadline and there’s nothing uncool about that. It's the stress and pressure that pushes out ideas and forms it properly.”

Her tour rider needs some work
“It’s nuts and fruit and tea... usually we bring it ourselves!”

She pays her kids pocket money on tour
“My kids have come on the road with me during school holidays. They’d work at the merch desk or turn on the bubble machines, and if they work well, they’d get pocket money.”

She writes music online
As a mother of three, studio trips aren’t possible, so Justine hits the net instead. “I use Skype which is a great way to collboborate, because you can stay in your pyjamas but you’re still connected.”

She does have a few dad fans
“I have been at shows where I’ve thought there’s a lot of dads out there, but that’s alright by me.”

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