The Parent Panel: Dads' mental health, breaking the rules, kids versus art, parent superpowers

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Fri 22 June 2018

27 mins

Author and columnist Kerri Sackville and Busy Dads founder Grant Lyndon join Shevonne Hunt to dissect, debate and drill down into the issues parents and carers have been talking about this week.

In this episode they tackle:

  • Dads' mental health
  • Breaking your own parenting rules
  • Who has to pay when a child knocks over some very expensive art
  • Secret parent superpowers

Is it time for dads to own their mental health?

This week Kinderling Conversation spoke to a psychologist about why we need to start talking about new dads and their mental health. The entire topic on the whole is a big hurdle for men, particularly when it comes to asking for help. We also hear of many women struggling with ways to help their partner. The ways that women typically connect and reach out doesn’t necessarily work for men. How can women help their partners get the support they need if their partner is determined to stay silent and carry on?

When have you broken your parenting rules?

Sometimes the best part of being a parent is when you break your own rules. Last weekend Shevonne stayed up watching Jumanji 2 with her son Arlo (now 4) until way past his bedtime. She says it was so much fun, snuggling on the couch, laughing and talking. And totally breaking her “bed-by-7pm” rule. Sometimes when we break our own rules we create the most lasting memories. When have you broken your own parenting rules?

Parents asked to pay for statue worth $177,000 after it fell on their child

A family in Kansas have been asked to pay damages for a piece of art that fell on their son, at a community centre. The five year old boy was hugging the sculpture that then fell on him and broke.

The community centre made a claim to their insurance company who then contacted the family. Do you think it’s fair to charge the family for this damage?

What is your average skill that others applaud?

Shevonne can braid her hair, and anyone else’s hair, and it garners praise from anyone in her friendship and mum circle, Plus she can sit comfortably in a yoga squat. While she finds both these things pretty run-of-the-mill,  when she tells people about them she's lauded with praise and awe. What is your mundane skill that elevates you to super hero status in another’s eyes?

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