The Parent Panel: Cardi B at Coachella, do you have a favourite child, outsourcing the gross parts of parenting

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Fri 20 April 2018

33 mins

Grant Lyndon from Busy Dads and author and journalist Kerri Sackville jump behind the desk in this episode of The Parent Panel.

They use their wisdom and grown up skills to dissect the news of the week with parental precision (so, a little rough around the edges). From sharing photos of children online, outsourcing boring parenting jobs, to whether or not they have a favourite child and their favourite women who stuck it to the man by absolutely crushing it while pregnant (Cardi B at Coachella anyone!?)

What are your rules about online photos

Did you know that when you publish photos of your children online, you have no rights to that image?  Should we be implementing rules for ourselves when it comes to sharing photos on social media, particularly when it comes to children. 

 What parenting “job” would you outsource

A company in the UK has started a service that brings in someone to change nappies for you. While some might say that it's totally ridiculous, it begs the question; if there was a parenting job you could out-source, what would it be?

Is it ever ok to play favourites?

A woman in the UK was interviewed on national TV saying that she has a favourite child.  She received a lot of flak for it online. She points out, however, that she tells her children she loves them equally. Is that fair enough? We might love them all equally, but not like them all equally. Or is she damaging her kids for life?

When pregnant women kick butt

You may have read about the whole hoo har around Cardi B’s pregnancy, and her performance at Coachella. She appeared on Ellen to talk about it too and had the audience laughing til they cried.

So often are we told that pregnant women need to be treated with silk gloves, wrap them up in cotton wool, until the child is born. But we know this doesn't need to be the case! Pregnant women are tough, and strong, and capable! The panellists open up about what impressed them most about pregnancy, and women they've admired for defying social expectations while pregnant.

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