Opening up an autistic child’s world through the circus

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Tue 24 April 2018

12 mins

There’s a very unique theatre performance about to take place at the Sydney Opera House.

It’s called Kaleidoscope and it invites the audience to enter into the lyrical and poetic side of being on the autism spectrum. The stage show is based on a short collection of stories penned by Joanna Wharton about her experiences with her son Ethan Hugh.

Joanna and Ethan join Shevonne Hunt in the studio to talk about the process of adapting the stories for the stage, and how Ethan became involved not just as the subject of the stories, but as one of the performers in the production!

Ethan performing in 'Kaleidoscope' at The Sydney Opera House.

If you’re keen to see the performance in Sydney check out the Sydney Opera House website.

For details on when the performance may tour nationally contact the production house, Company 2.

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