The Parent Panel: Barnaby Joyce again, tear free birthday parties, careers and kids

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Fri 1 June 2018

30 mins

Seamus Byrne and Georgina Dent jump in the studio with Shevonne Hunt to take on the news that had parents fired up over the past seven days. In this episode the panel discuss;

  • Barnaby Joyce; what's the saying about glass houses and throwing stones? Maybe someone should have filled on Barnie in on it before he agreed to a six figure deal for a tell-all interview. Won't somebody think of the children!?
  • The French spiderman who saved a four-year-old dangling from an apartment building balcony.
  • Explaining why mum and/or dad have to go to work.
  • Winners and losers, why the trend of a "tear free" birthday party is catching on.

We’re all talking about Barnaby Joyce. Again.

You may have been forgiven for thinking that now Barnaby Joyce’s love child has entered the world he would seal himself and Vicky Campion away from the media. But we all know that he’s sold the story to Channel Seven’s Sunday Night for a reported $150, 000). Why are we are still fascinated with this story? Is it in the public interest now for Joyce to give “his side of the story”?

What’s the most dramatic thing that happened when you turned your back?

The incredible video of the Malian man who scaled an apartment block to rescue a four year old boy hanging from a fourth floor story has captivated the world. While the boy’s father had apparently left to go shopping, and left their window open, there are plenty of times when all you need to do is turn your back for a minute and something dramatic will happen. What’s the most dramatic thing that happened when you turned your back on your child? What did it change about the way you parent?

How do you explain your work to your kids?

This week on Kinderling  Conversation Prue Gilbert from The Grace Papers gave some great tips for how to explain your work to kids. How do you explain your work to your kids, and what do you hope they learn from you in the process?

Tear free birthday parties

Birthday parties are a special part of childhood. But, like most things in parenting, throwing a birthday party isn’t always straight-forward ? Do you play Pass-The-Parcel? And if you do, is there on present, or many? Do you play games where everyone wins?

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