The Parent Panel: My Health Record, playdate etiquette, toys, cooking disasters

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Fri 20 July 2018

30 mins

Seamus Byrne of ScienceAlert  and Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, founder of Happy Mama and host of Bedtime Explorers, jump behind the mic to lay out the week that was for parents across the country.

In this episode they join host Shevonne Hunt in discussing;

  • My Health Record
  • Disciplining other people's children
  • Kids' toys: Quality vs quantity
  • Cooking disasters

Will you opt in or out of My Health Record?

My Health Record is intended as an online database for you to store documents for you or your child’s health. When you first log in, you’re given the chance to upload about two years’ worth of data. Then ongoing, you can talk to your doctor about uploading a summary of your child’s health, test results, discharge papers, etc. You have until October 15th to opt out of the nationwide database. If you don't opt out, the government will automatically give you (and your kids) a record. So how do you decide whether you should opt out?

Playdate etiquette – disciplining other people’s kids

As kids get older playdates without parents become a regular thing. A common conundrum parents face is when someone elses child starts behaving badly at your house. How are you supposed to navigate it without doing the wrong thing? Should you discipline someone else's child?

How do you control your kids’ toy intake

How do you manage the influx of toys in your house? Are you one of those parents that has very little strategy? Or maybe you're the type of person who gives gift cards - something that Louise and Martin Grimmer think is a big no-no for kids, as their article for The Conversation explains.

Your worst (well intentioned) cooking disaster

Recently Shevonne took some time out to hang at home with her daughter while she was on school holidays. She was feeling particularly domestic-goddess-y and decided to make a hearty chicken soup. She located a recipe for the slow cooker and laboriously de-skinned the chicken drumsticks, dashed madly to the shop to get a missing ingredient, and lovingly set it on to cook. When she got home from a fun day out with her children her husband claimed the kids would only eat it if it were blended. Five minutes of whirring and blending later what remained was a gloopy chicken chowder, not chicken soup. It all ended up in the bin. When have your best laid cooking plans gone astray?

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