Rarriwuy Hick on why Indigenous kids belong with their families

Part of the Kinderling Conversation for parents. Weekdays 12pm-1pm.

Thu 15 March 2018

13 mins

This week the Assistant Minister for Children and Families David Gillespie said laws should change to allow Indigenous children to be placed with non-Indigenous families for their own protection. Currently guidelines state that any Indigeous child removed from their parents should be placed in the care of family or blood relative wherever possible.

Australian Actor Rarriwuy Hick says Minister Gillespie's latest comments are ill-informed and ignorant to the ties of country and family.

She and her father are currently the carers for her two young nephews. She explains what the Minister's comments (and the notorious Sunrise discussion that followed) mean to her.


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Rarriwuy also opens up about the social media campaign she started #OurKidsBelongWithFamily that has garnered support from everyday people and famous Australians alike.

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