The Parent Panel: Evicting children, paying grandparents, fighting over chores, baby nagging

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Fri 25 May 2018

24 mins

Aaron Elias Brunsdon, CEO of Jayson Brunsdon Fashion, and Rhian Allen a.k.a The Healthy Mummy join Shevonne Hunt to talk through the news that had parental chins a-wagging over the last seven days.

Using their infinite wisdom as parents the trio tackled these questions;

  • Do non-hetero couples share household chores more fairly?
  • How do we stop people from nagging couples about having babies, babies and even more babies?
  • Should grandparents be paid for caring for the grandkids?
  • What would you do if your child refused to move out of home?

Sexuality, gender and the domestic load

A recent article in the New York Times outlined how same sex couples (pre children) had a more equitable division of labour in the home.  After children the division started to change to more traditional models where the main bread winner did less than the stay-at-home parent, but generally same-sex couples were happier about the division of domestic labour. Research finds that women, in hetero relationships, still do the bulk of the domestic work, even when they are the main breadwinner. So how does it work in your house?

The pesky "when are you having a baby/a second baby" question

As soon as you're married it seems like the question of when you're going to have a baby come at your like wildfire. There are many reasons why we should not ask people that question. The person you’re asking may be going through fertility issues. They may not want kids at all and are sick of the pressure. They may have had one and can’t fall a second time. How many kids we have, or if we have kids at all, is a deeply personal decision. So how do we stop people from pestering us about it!?

Should we be paying grandparents for their time spent minding our kids?

Comparison website that grandparents save their own children around $6,000 per year in child care fees. There is no doubt that grandparents are stepping in when their children can’t afford day care. But how do we repay them for the sometimes immeasurable quantity of child minding and care they provide; particularly when they have more than one set of grandchildren!

What would you do if your child refused to move out of home?

A New York couple have sued  their son, after he refused to leave the family home. The son is 30 years old. It’s a rather dramatic measure, but the couple had tried several times to get him to move out (including paying money for a removalist- which the son spent on bills). How do you feel about your own children living with you until they’re 30? And what would you di if your child refused to move out of home?

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