Robin Barker on the changing world of parenting advice

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Thu 24 August 2017

10 mins

Baby Love has been around for over 20 years and author Robin Barker as a Mothercraft Nurse, mother and grandmother has seen many ways of parenting come and go. And somehow, Baby Love has stayed relevant since its first publication.

Parenting advice changes all the time. Something you may have done with your first child might be different by the time your second or third comes around. Research, fashions and preferences evolve.

Recent progress has come down to science, with greater information particularly in child safety. Parents used to concentrate on the simple action of keeping children alive. Now there’s lifesaving knowledge to keep babies sleeping on their back, prams had no sun protection and carrying babies is now a ‘thing’.

Kids used to be seen, not heard. We now have the opposite approach. There’s great research into child psychological, emotional and social development, which has been growing and growing since the 1950’s.

Robin provides kind common sense, encourages parents to follow their intuition and suggests to let some things go. She helps families by giving them options (where there are some), and she’s practical, tailoring advice to circumstances that parents find themselves in.

However, some things don’t change, like the very basics.

“Be nice, be kind, teach them to read, teach them to swim, give a stable home, love them, look after them, protect them,” Robin says. In general these sorts of feelings and desires to ‘do it all’ are innate and really haven’t changed at all.

Listen to Robin’s full chat about these developments and how parents can choose the right approach for them.

To read more from Robin head to her website.

Photo credit: Daniel Guerra.

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