The Parent Panel: are we phone addicted, banning certain words during labour, sports injuries, going on adventures without kids

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Fri 2 March 2018

33 mins

In this episode of The Parent Panel Sarah  Hunstead from CPR Kids and Luke Escombe from The Vegetable Plot join Shevonne Hunt to dish the dirt on the past week for parents.

From whether or not parents phone use could be classed as "addiction", a Queensland hospital that banned certain phrases from being used in maternity and birthing suites, should little kids be allowed to play rugby, and what sort of adventures have you gone on since having children? 

Grown up phone addicts

We talk a lot about our kids being addicted to screens, but have you stopped to think about your own phone use. Particularly if your children see you using it all the time how we use  how do you go with your own screen-use? (particularly your phone) How do you manage your own screen time? You can read an article about it here.

Banning certain words during labour

Queensland midwives say there are some words that should just not be allowed in the delivery room. Words, they say, have the power to make or break a birthing mother. Sarah jokes that child birth wasn't as hard as she thought it was going to be, and Luke adds that he and his wife spent six weeks in the hospital before she gave birth so their experience was the exact opposite! As for troublesome phrases? Well you'll have to listen back to hear what their experiences were like. 

Panelists, Sarah Hunstead (L) and Luke Escombe (R) with host Shevonne Hunt

Rugby, rough sport and injuries

Contact sports can have a detrimental affect on adults, but what about contact sports that our children play? This week after a professional boxer died in the UK, the British Boxing Chief said it was impossible to make the sport 100% safe. While boxing is a fairly extreme example, there are plenty of sports that our children play that involve aggressive contact (think rugby) Are there any you would not let your child do? Are there changes you would like to see to make these sports safer for kids?

The greatest adventure since having kids

 The saying goes "settle down and have kids". Once you have kids you can spend all your energy just getting through the day. Doing small things. This mum’s post-family adventure of racing across New Zealand on her own and on foot might seem a little… ahem… extreme… but it illustrates a point. What has been your greatest adventure since having kids? How important is it to try new things?

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