The Parent Panel: Banning best friends at school, Israel Folau, family fantasies

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Fri 13 April 2018

27 mins

Mamamia's Head of Content and co-host of This Glorious Mess Holly Wainwright and author and parenting educator Justin Coulson join Shevonne Hunt to take on the topics that have filled our feeds, and dominated the news cycle this week.

From a potential banning of best friends at schools, Israel Folau's homophobic comments, exploring your ultimate family fantasy, and what parts of yourself do you see in your children? Both the good and the bad!

How involved should we be in our children’s friendships?

Little Prince George’s school recently declared a ban on besties. Apparently some schools in Australia are following in the footsteps of the little prince’s school, saying that it is better for all children to be kind to one another. No one would deny that having everyone be kind is a good thing, but are we getting too involved with our children’s friendships?  

Another case of a sporting idol misusing his elevated status?

Another sporting star is hogging the headlines this week, following an Instagram post by Wallabies superstar Israel Folau. A deeply religious man, he was asked on Instagram “What was God’s plan for gay people?” To which he replied “HELL…unless they repent of their sins and turn to God”. Is everyone getting too worked up? After all Folau is a devout Christian and we believe in the freedom of speech (even if it’s not a protected right).  Or should a public figure, so revered by the nation (including children) be held accountable for such comments, especially when it’s expressed on such a public platform?

When have you seen yourself in your child?

In Shevonne’s family, both her kids look a lot like her husband. Her daughter is athletic, like her husband, and her son loves playing away at his toy guitar, just like his dad. She had resigned herself to never being able to see glimpses of her personality in her children until she pulled a merit certificate from her daughter’s bag, and it said it was for “her amazing description of the elephant when working on informative writing.”

Here she was… maybe she is a chip off the old block! Have you had a moment like this when you have seen yourself in your child. Was it exciting or terrifying?

What would be your family fantasy?

This week Shevonne visited a family friend- Becky- who made the “tree change” to a sleepy coastal village two hours south of Sydney. I Living a busy city life can often have you entertaining the thought thought of running away to the country. But a “family fantasy” doesn’t have to be a “tree change”. It might be owning a campervan, living without technology or something else. What would be your “family fantasy”?

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