The Parent Panel: dog attacks, school bullies, Married At First Sight, the new Mary Poppins movie

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Fri 9 March 2018

30 mins

On the panel this week are parents Kate Browne from CHOICE a.k.a 'The Guilty Mum' and social researcher Neer Korn from The Korn Group. Both join Shevonne Hunt in the studio to tackle the things that have had parents and carers fired up over the past seven days.

From banning dangerous dogs after a spate of attacks on children and the elderly across the country, to whether or not the sequel/re-make of Mary Poppins is a good thing, the trio debate and laugh their way through the topics below.

 Should dangerous dogs be banned in Australia?

 Following two vicious dog attacks on children over the weekend, should dangerous dog breeds (like weapons) be banned? Is it the owner's responsibility to train their dogs to be safe? Or is it the parent's responsibility to teach their children dog safety?

 Schools and parents should have a zero tolerance approach to bullying

News Limited writer Kylie Lang says that it's time we got tougher on bullies at schools. In a piece published for The Daily Telegraph she appears to say that schools aren't doing enough, and that parents in particular are too soft. Neer and Kate recount their experiences with bullies at school, what the policy on bullying is at the schools their children attend, plus how they would respond if they were approached by someone telling them their own child was a bully.

Can we all learn something from reality TV?

Victoria Hannaford wrote that the reality show Married at First Sight should be compulsory viewing, as it demonstrates so clearly what toxic masculinity looks like. The Panellists try to figure out where the line is drawn between entertainment, and encouraging bad behaviour. Plus, can reality television teach it's audience lessons?

When classic films are re-made (and they probably shouldn't be)

With the release of Mary Poppins Returns  Are there some classics that should just be left alone?

The most recent Annie remake was a phenomenal flop at the box office globally. With Mary Poppins, as talened an actress as Emily Blunt is, can anyone truly play the whimsical nanny other that Julie Andrews? Neer and Kate debate the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" adage, as well is reflecting on some of the worst film remakes of the last few decades. Plus whether a bad remake can ruin the original!

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