The Parent Panel: Qantas' gender neutral move, unhealthy sausages, fast fashion, slime and other fads we wish would disappear

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Fri 16 March 2018

25 mins

In this episode of The Parent Panel host Shevonne Hunt is joined by author and founder of The Healthy Mummy Brand, Rhian Allen, and dad, author of Designer Baby, and CEO of Jayson Brunsdon fashion, Aaron Brunsdon.

The trio break down the news of the week from the neighbourhood to the nursery. Plus Aaron reveals just how much fun (and the occasional arguement) he's having planning his wedding in the coming weeks to his partner Jayson.

Qantas staff say no to "mum"and "dad"

Following on from a 'spirit of inclusion' initiative Qantas staff will now be replacing the term "mum" and "dad" with "parents" and other gender neutral and inclusive language. Former prime minister Tony Abbott told 2GB Radio that it was "political correctness that's gone way over the top". While Lucy Tatman, a senior lecturer in Gender Studies at the University of Tasmania countered that statement by offering that the idea was "just good manners."

Salty sausages under attack

Sausages are the saviour of many a tired parent at dinner time. They have often been the only meat some kids will eat. Served with a side of vegetables and we can pat ourselves on the back thinking we're doing OK. Apparently not. Nutritionists at the George Institute for Global Health  have said a single sausage on white bread with a smidge of tomato sauce has half the recommended daily salt intake for adults. With Rhian's expertise in food and cooking, you might be surprised how both the panellists and Shevonne debated the findings.

Do we have a problem with fast fashion for kids?

This week fashion giant Zara announced that it will have an online store in Australia. Melissa Singer wrote that there are pros and cons for this move, but mostly she was concerned about "fast fashion" and clothing ending up in landfill.  When Shevonne's were younger they used to have mainly hand-me-downs, but now they tend to get clothes from Target or Kmart when they grow out of what they have. But nowadays she tends to get annoyed when people offload their cast-offs as she never have the time to go through them and find what to keep and what to throw out. With Aaron's background in fashion, the trio discuss how they manage hand me downs and fast fashion in their families.

Slime and other toy crazes

Slime is the latest in a never ending list of crazes for kids, but it seems to have some serious staying power. The panellists delve into the perils of slime both home made and store bought, as well as the more disgusting crazes and fads they were into when they were children.

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