The Parent Panel: Toy guns, old-school parenting, embarrassing tantrums and more

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Fri 15 June 2018

27 mins

The Parent Panellers for this episode are Mamamia's Holly Wainwright and Comedian Merrick Watts.

Using their wit and genius (no sarcasm we promise!) they join host Shevonne Hunt to tackle the hot topics that had parents and carers fired up all over the country from the last seven days.

The topics for this episode are;

  • Toy guns
  • Parenting skills of the past
  • The Yin and Yang of parenting skills and styles
  • Tantrum horror stories

Is it ok for boys to play with toy guns?

If you've been anywhere in the last week you'd have seen the huge furore over little Prince George's choice of toy. The young prince was snapped at his father's polo game on the sidelines playing with a plastic toy gun.  People took to social media to express their outrage at what they saw as the Royal Family’s insensitivity. Was it inappropriate for George to play with toy guns? Is it just a bit of fun or are toy guns sending boys a deeper, more disturbing message?

One of the images of Prince George playing with a toy gun that caused outrage on social media.

What parenting skills of the past do you use today ?

Our parents play the most important role in our development. Parenting styles are constantly evolving, and so too are the skills we use as parents. These days things like knitting and woodwork are skills from our parents generation that are slowly disappearing.  What is something your parents did for you in your childhood, that you try to do for your kids today? Or is there a skill your parents had that you just can’t master?

What do you and your partner have together that make you work as a couple?

After kids relationships change, and it can be a lot harder. Author Kerri Sackville wrote about the "universal truths" about what make a couple work; be it compleneting weaknesses and strengths, generosity, communication. What is it that keeps you working together – especially when times are tough?

When has your child “acted out” in a formal situation?

This week Princess Lenore of Sweden demonstrated just how boring Christenings can be by rolling all over the ground during her younger sister’s baptism. 

She was also showing that kids will be kids no matter how formal the situation or how many people are watching. When has your child behaved this way? Were you mortified, or was it easy to just say "kids will be kids"... 

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