The Parent Panel: boys and masculinity, mean girls, me time, kids' clothing choices

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Fri 23 February 2018

In this episode of The Parent Panel, host Shevonne Hunt, is joined by author Kerri Sackville, and Grant Lyndon from Busy Dads, where he offers workshops for dads - everything from antenatal classes to fitness and meditation.

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Is there a crisis of masculinity in our culture?

Following the Florida shootings, is comedian Michael Ian Black right when he says that our boys are “broken”? Check out his comments here. While Australians don’t have the same problem with guns, do we have a similar problem with our definition of manhood? Do parents (generally) have an idea that in order to survive in a man’s world our boys need to be “tough”? Does that mean telling our boys not to cry and not to be babies etc?

How do you help your child deal with “mean” friends? 

This week Shevonne wrote about daughter's experience with a "mean" girl and how she can help her daughter navigate friendships. Have you had any experiences where your child had a “mean” friend? How did you help them with that problem?

How do you do “me time”?

Katherine Stahl on Popsugar recently wrote about how she has 2 nights a year on her own in a hotel room. Just reading about it made me feel jealous. If I’m honest I could do the same thing, I just can’t convince myself that it’s ok to be so self-indulgent. Have you ever done anything like this? What is the value of this kind of unadulterated selfishness, and do you think parents generally need to embrace it more?

How do you deal with the creative/weather-inappropriate clothing choices kids make?

This week Jennifer Lawrence hit back at people commenting on a photo where she is wearing a plunging black dress on a very, very cold day (6 degrees apparently). You can read about it here. But other, much smaller humans often demand to wear clothing that is totally inappropriate for the weather, for example a 6 year old insisting on wearing a furry onesie to bed when it's 30 degrees. How have you dealt with the creative/weather-inappropriate clothing choices of the children in your care?

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