The Parent Panel: Peppa Pig gets sassy, stay-at-home-dads, playground etiquette, teaching boys to be men

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Fri 6 April 2018

29 mins

Journalist and host of The Mothershift  Jacinta Tynan and Babyology's  Jason Treuen join forces with host Shevonne Hunt to compare notes, criticise, and cackle their way through the week that was for parents and carers.

This week the topics ranged from whether boys need help being taught how to "be a man", playground etiquette, stay-at-home-dads, and cartoon characters that need to ditch their fairytale tropes and have some real adventures.

Do boys need help to be men?

Steve Biddulph is about to release his new book Raising boys in the 21st century. His main argument is that boys have lost the time needed with men and Dads to work out how to be a man. Masculinity, he says, has been defined by very fixed stereotypes. We are at a point of crisis and it’s hurting our boys. Jacinta is a mum of two boys and Jason has one son and one daughter so needless to say, there were some serious opinions on this topic.

Playground etiquette

We don’t all love going to the playground, but it’s an essential ingredient of being a family. Once you’re there– what do you understand about playground etiquette? Lucy Kippist recently wrote about five simple rules  that we should all follow at the playground. 

Jacinta & Jason get honest about the playground quirks that really grind their gears when they're at the public slippery dips.

Stay at home dads

A new report from The Australian Institute of Family Studies has found that stay-at-home Dads have increased between 2011 and 2016, but not by much. It rose from 68, 500 to 80,000.  Jason has a unique experience with this as a stay-at-home dad when his children were first born, and Jacinta, well her perspective is different altogether.

When cartoon characters "break out" and define their own identity 

Just kidding. Though you would think Peppa Pig had shed her pink dress, pierced her nose and started dating her best friend Suzy Sheep. Instead, she hung up on her friend when she was a bit annoyed. The internet went wild with joy. Go Peppa! You rebel girl!

The Panel chat about which characters they'd love to see shake off the shackles of their stereotypes and run wild across the animated planes of our television screens.

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