The Parent Panel: embarrassing kids, working parents, body image for boys, helping children with new beginnings

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Fri 2 February 2018

34 mins

The Parent Panel is back!

Two of Australia's favourite parents join Shevonne Hunt in the studio every week to talk, laugh and cry about the week that was.

This week panellists Jacinta Tynan, Sky News presenter and author of Mother Zen, and freelance journalist and media trainer John Mangos join Shevonne Hunt in the studio to tackle the big, and little, issues from the week

John and Jacinta both have two boys a piece.

Helping your child with big life changes

This week (and the week previous in QLD) many parents have sent their kids to school for the first time. Others are sending their younger children to day care. No doubt there have been tears and broken hearts on both sides. How do you handle drop offs with your children (now if it’s a new thing, or when they were little)? How do you help them get through it, and then what do you do for yourself? (because it’s hard on parents too!)

Have you been embarrassed by your child in public?

This week everyone has been talking about how Beyoncé and Jay Z’s little girl Blue Ivy  sassed her parents at the Grammys. Have your kids ever shot you down in public? What happened?

Kinderling Conversation host Shevonne Hunt and Parent Panelists John Mangos and Jacinta Tynan.

Are parents too focussed on money?

Well-known parenting expert Steve Biddulph recently wrote that working parents need to stop being slaves to the economy and have more time (and patience) for their children. Shevonne took issue with the article and so penned her own in response. But does Biddulph have a point? Do some parents lose perspective of what their children need in their pursuit of financial gain?

How important is talking about body image with boys?

There is a prevalence of positive body image talk for girls. It's a wonderful movement toward inclusivity and acceptance. But where do boys fit in this disussion. Does there need to be a separate conversation started just for boys? John and Jacinta both have two boys, so they bring unique insight , and of course , cheeky stories around their own experiences.

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