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Designing a kids' museum space from scratch

The Pauline Gandal Children’s Gallery at the Melbourne Museum was three years in the making, and involved an incredible amount of consultation with daycare centres, special needs groups, children from…
15 mins

The best classic fairy tales for children

Most fairy tales are hundreds of years old, and have been retold and republished many different ways, so how do you find the best version for your children Amelia Lush
13 mins

Connecting communities with street books

Street libraries are all across Australia, and they offer communities a way to connect and share their literary tastes - without late fees! Founder Nic Lowe explains where the idea…
10 mins

Twig: a picture book for shy children

Author & illustrator Aura Parker takes us through Twig, a beautiful picture book that looks at one little stick insect’s experience at school. Published by Scholastic Press 2016 and…
7 mins

Why keeping Indigenous language alive is important for all

Aunty Jacinta Tobin is a Darug woman keeping her language alive through song and teaching in workshops. She talks about what language means to her, the planet, children and Non-Indigenous…
14 mins

Boxing Day family flicks reviewed

Kinderling Movie Reviewer Evan Shapiro takes us through the big family movies being released this Boxing Day, including Moana, Red Dog: True Blue and Sing.
10 mins