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Underbelly Arts Festival for kids

Underbelly Arts Festival hits Cockatoo Island this weekend (Aug 1-2).  For families looking for a day out, there is Funderbelly on Sunday, an exciting and interactive program for kids. You…
11 mins

The best books about mythical creatures

Who doesn't love unicorns, bunyips, dragons and fairies? This week on The Review we focus on the best books across the decades with scary and fantastical mythical creatures GUEST: Sally…
9 mins

Charlie and Lola turn 10!

Not long to go until Charlie and Lola turn 10! Kitty Taylor directed the award winning cartoon Charlie and Lola from 2005- 2008.  Listen to find out what goes into making…
14 mins

GOMA: Swags and Swamp Rats

Find out more about Swags and Swamp Rats, a new exhibition that explores aspects of Australian life, history and language through the works of Australian artist Robert MacPherson, on display…
8 mins

Anna Branford: Lily the Elf

Lily is a very small and very thoughtful young elf. Take a peek inside her tiny elf world with author, Anna Branford.  GUEST: Anna Branford, Author WEBSITE: Lily the Elf:…
9 mins

Mister Maker's crafty secrets

Mister Maker is an international star with a legion of fans. He spoke to presenter Shevonne Hunt on his most recent Australian tour Guest: Phil Gallagher
Website: Mister…
14 mins