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Author Alison Lester discusses her books, inspirations and magical childhood

We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve read Magic Beach and Noni The Pony to our kids, so it was an absolute pleasure to get a visit from Alison
15 mins

Why classical music is good for your child

In our new series, we're exploring the mind-altering properties of music. In this second instalment, host Shevonne Hunt explores the history and health benefits of classic music. Featuring interviews with Andrew
11 mins

The real story behind Beauty and the Beast

Author and researcher Kate Forsyth goes beyond the modern-day versions and Disney movies to dig into the real origins of one of the most famous fairytales. How does it differ…
14 mins

Grinspoon’s Pat Davern discusses his new kids’ album and book

The guitarist for Aussie band Grinspoon is better known for big rocking riffs, but he's just about to release a very cool kids album and book called Alexander The Elephant
12 mins

Designing exhibitions for kids

Children have such open and inquiring minds, but how do you design art spaces for kids that will get them involved with the art, touching and playing with it? In…
10 mins

Dr Karl answers kids’ science questions

Everyone’s favourite scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki joins us to answer little ones’ big science questions. Why are planets round? Do blind people dream? Why do dad’s feet smell? All these…
20 mins