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A picture book for new Dads, are mother-in-laws all that bad? And the Friday music download.

Aaron Blabey is best known for his books for children (e.g. Pig the Pug) but he also has a hilarious and touching book for new Dads. He talks to us…
28 mins

Josh Pyke and his musical family

Musician and songwriter Josh Pyke is about to head out on a national tour in support of his latest album But For All These Shrinking Hearts.   He popped in…
16 mins

Robin Barker on baby growth, inspiring whooping cough campaigner and music from the Tiwi Islands

Baby Love's Robin Barker explains what to look out for when weighing and measuring your baby in the first 12 months.  Catherine Hughes, 2016 WA Young Australian of the…
33 mins

Live music from the Tiwi Island singers

Today we were lucky to have members from the Tiwi Islands Strong Women’s Group in the studio to sing live for us.  They travelled all the way from the far…
13 mins

Dirtgirl The Musical and building support networks around new families

Dirtgirl’s Get Grubby Musical premieres at the Sydney Opera House this week so we talk to two of the garden’s greatest stars, co-creator Cate McQuillen and resident garden gnome Costa…
30 mins

Introducing your kids to movies from your childhood

What was your favourite movie as a kid? Was it Waynes World, Revenge of the Nerds, Goonies, ET, Back to the Future or Star Wars Rewatching films from your childhood…
14 mins