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The best books about princesses

Sally Zwartz is a children's book advocate. She’s spent years finding and reading the best children’s books for her podcast Catch it By the Tail on Eastside radio.  Based on her extensive…
11 mins

Make a brilliant mess - ArtPlay Melbourne

In this episode we talk to an organisation that encourages children to build real self confidence through art Art Play is based in Melbourne’s CBD and encourages parents and their…
14 mins

Art for kids

Lots of art galleries around Australia are really starting to push family friendly programs and exhibitions that parents can enjoy together with their kids. In this episode we’re joined by…
9 mins

Song of the Sea- an Irish animation

Song of the Sea is a new Irish animation doing the festival circuit. And we reckon it's worth checking out! Recommended age from us: discerning 5 year old, or 6…
8 mins

John Jarratt reveals his soft side

Famous for his terrifying performance as Mick Taylor in Wolf Creek, much loved Aussie actor John Jarrat has a softer side. He's a dad to six children and has been…
16 mins

The best books about pirates

Argh Aaarrrggh me hearties! What treasure do you seek this week?  Hold on to your pirate hat! This episode is all about swashbuckling pirates in honour of Talk Like a
11 mins