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A picture book helping to protect children

Former police woman and mother of three, Kate Power, has created a book to educate children about personal safety. It’s fun, it’s bright, and it rhymes…   GUEST: Kate Power, author My Underpants…
10 mins

Little Big Shots: The Legend of Billy the Pig

Maxim Hussey is a 13-year-old award winning filmmaker. His latest masterpiece The Legend of Billy the Pig features in this years Little Big Shots international film competition for kids…
7 mins

Best books about dad

In honour of Fathers Day, Amelia Lush joins us to talk about the best dad themed books that you can read to your children GUEST: Amelia Lush, Children’s Buyer and Manager…
8 mins

Dress Up Attack: The family friendly festival

Dress Up Attack! is back in Sydney's Marrickville this September 12. Get your matching costumes organised and head along for a fun family day with great live music and lots…
10 mins

Play through music: The Rhythm Tree

Most children love music. It's a fun and open way of expressing themselves The Rhythm Tree in Melbourne is a place where families with young children can enjoy music together,…
10 mins

Andy Griffiths' craziest book yet: The 65-Storey Treehouse

Andy Griffiths came in to the studio this week with a swarm of adoring young fans eagerly waiting to meet him. Over the years Griffiths has been credited by many…
18 mins