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Jackie French, author of Diary of a Wombat, on children's literacy

Most parents will know Jackie French's work through the delightful Diary of a Wombat, she is also the Australian Children's Laureate and Senior Australian of the year. In this interview…
15 mins

An easy way to explain the birds and the bees

It's a question that most children will ask at some point in their lives, but how will you answer it? A new book is here to make the process a…
17 mins

How bullying inspired Alex McDiarmid to write a book

In this episode we talk to Alex McDiarmid. He was bullied in primary school and found it difficult to fit in. Hear what he learnt from his experiences and what…
9 mins

Underbelly Arts Festival for kids

Underbelly Arts Festival hits Cockatoo Island this weekend (Aug 1-2).  For families looking for a day out, there is Funderbelly on Sunday, an exciting and interactive program for kids. You…
11 mins

Charlie and Lola turn 10!

Not long to go until Charlie and Lola turn 10! Kitty Taylor directed the award winning cartoon Charlie and Lola from 2005- 2008.  Listen to find out what goes into making…
14 mins

The best books about mythical creatures

Who doesn't love unicorns, bunyips, dragons and fairies? This week on The Review we focus on the best books across the decades with scary and fantastical mythical creatures GUEST: Sally…
9 mins