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What is a childhood in the desert like?

Ella Mulvey's book The Rabbit-hole Golf Course came from memories of a childhood spent exploring the desert in Australia. Ella talks about learning Pitjantjatjara at kindy and trying witchetty grubs…
6 mins

Lah-Lah and Sam Moran star in our brand new Play & Learn show!

Kinderling is launching a new program, Play and Learn which includes intimate fun Music Time with Lah-Lah and Sam Moran. The show is designed to feel like you’re having…
12 mins

The life changing power (and fun) of singing in a choir

We know singing is good for a child's development, but above all, it's just plain fun Sam Allchurch is a conductor and artistic operations manager for Gondwana Choirs and has…
8 mins

How two pyjama wearing bananas captured our hearts for 25 years (and counting!)

After 25 years The Bananas in Pyjamas are still playing games and stealing the hearts (and attention) of children all over the country But what goes into making a show…
13 mins

True Fairies bring magic into your home

The magic of technology and the fantasy of the mythical have come together As part of a brand new project, children from all over Australia have the chance to meet…
7 mins

Meet the pint-sized artist taking the internet by storm

We all think our kid’s art and craft is a masterpiece, or in the very least deserves to be affixed to our fridges until their 21st birthday But what happens…
9 mins