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Australia's first kids' newspaper and parents as role models

Do you switch off the TV when the news comes on to protect your kids? Then you'll be pleased to learn there's a new national newspaper written just for them. Editor…
27 mins

Raising triplets, preventing allergies and kids' rights in the digital age

Imagine breast-feeding three hungry mouths and making three birthday cakes every year. We celebrate Multiple Birth Awareness Week chatting to Ali Mountifield, the chairperson of AMBA, about the challenges…
28 mins

Keeping kids safe and is your child walking right?

Is all the media coverage of the Royal Commission into institutional child abuse a good thing? We talk to Penelope McEncroe from Child Wise about what parents can be aware…
25 mins

Strong female role models and boosting gender equality in the workplace

We celebrate International Women’s Day with author/social researcher Rebecca Huntley’s pick of strong female role models. From Cathy Freeman and Cate Blanchett to Frida Kahlo and jazz legend Ella…
26 mins

The Australian Early Development Census and Prepping for your second child

Released today, the Australian Early Development Census reveals one in five children starting school are “developmentally vulnerable.” Paediatrician Sharon Goldfeld, from the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, explains what that means…
28 mins

Kids' disability rights, Shelley Craft talks books and is Zen motherhood possible?

Is it fair that a young girl with cerebral palsy was asked to leave a Sydney theatre last weekend? Human rights advocate Graeme Innes discusses kids' disability rights TV host …
32 mins