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How to talk to your kids about the Syria crisis

It’s been a week full of distressing news about the refugee situation in the Middle East and Europe. Many of us might try to shield our children from those horrific…
11 mins

Child Protection Week – abuse, neglect and what to look out for

Child abuse, it can be a difficult subject to discuss but an important one. This week is Child Protection Week and in this episode we talk about how to tell…
19 mins

The power of an image

It could have been anyone's child. The photo of Syrian refugee Aylan Kurdi lying on a beach in Turkey has gone viral and provoked global outrage. But is it right…
18 mins

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation supporting young Indigenous children

Today is National Indigenous Literacy Day, which aims to improve literacy levels and opportunites for young indigenous children living in remote areas In this episode, Karen Williams from The Indigenous…
12 mins

The miracle sleep book for children

Parents are going nuts over "The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep", but what is the science behind the hype? You'll want to listen to this before you…
11 mins

The impact of medical research on children's lives

Every day children are sadly diagnosed with various medical issues. To ensure these children live happy and healthy lives, medical research is imperative for the treatment of childhood illness and…
13 mins