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Maya Newell on how families are being hit by the same sex marriage survey

Maya Newell has grown up with two mums who love each other. She’s made a documentary about children in same sex families, giving them a voice for the first time…
11 mins

Pregnancy research into miscarriage and birth defects discovers Vitamin B3 is key

Australian researchers have made the biggest breakthrough in pregnancy health since Folate was discovered to reduce nerual tube defects in babies The Victor Chang Institute has found that Vitamin B3 can cure…
12 mins

Wearing jeans today? You could help cure cancer

1 in 20 children are born with birth defects or genetic diseases Jeans for Genes Day is celebrating 24 years of raising awareness and funds for children with birth defects and…
6 mins

Latest HILDA survey shows Australian families struggle with childcare costs, mortgages and poverty

If you have trouble making ends meet every month, the latest Melbourne University’s HILDA (Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey) snapshot explains why. The survey follows the lives of over 17,000…
6 mins

Why Red Nose Day is changing focus, and is more needed than ever before

Traditionally, Red Nose Day jas been about raising awareness about unexplained sudden infant cot deaths This year the charity is focussing on still birth as part of their mission to…
6 mins

Australia's early education sector is improving, but we're trailing behind other OECD countries

CEO of Early Childhood Australia Samantha Page joins us to explain the latest statistics, and how a lack of quality pre-school education can impact our children into adolesence To read…
9 mins