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Why parents are fighting for the Home Doctor Service

This federal budget the Home Doctor Service is “under review”. This has made some people nervous, including Acting Executive Director of The Parenthood Nicole Lessio. Nicole says that families…
5 mins

Sarah Hanson-Young on why commercial TV needs to keep Aussie kids' shows

Children are watching their TV shows on streaming services and cable, and commercial TV is struggling to stay viable. So why is Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young calling for commercial TV…
7 mins

Even Education Minister Simon Birmingham thinks early educators should be paid more

Listen back as Simon Birmingham, the Federal Minister for Education, gives insight into his experiences with childcare in his family, and whether or not they should receive more money…
3 mins

What does a politician have to say about vaccinations, herd immunity, and day care

With vaccination a hot button topic, Federal Minister for Education, Simon Birmingham, dropped by to chat about his experiences with daycare, and vaccinations with his own children.
6 mins

Minister Simon Birmingham explains the childcare package

After months of debate the Government’s Childcare Package has passed into legislation, starting from July 2018. Federal education minister Simon Birmingham clarifies just what it means for parents, including how…
16 mins

Jacqui Lambie: freeze on payments to single parents is “disgusting”

Senator Jacqui Lambie remembers well what it was like to rely on welfare payments as a single parent. Listen to as she explains to Shevonne Hunt why she gave such…
8 mins