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Talking to your kids about the US election

Sometimes we can forget just how much our children pick up from us. Saffron Howden, editor of Crinkling Newspaper for children, says that we need to make sure they…
8 mins

The refugee children on Nauru

The Australian Government says it’s not our responsibility, but the footage from the Four Corner’s Report Forgotten Children is hard to ignore. Mat Tinkler is the policy and public affairs…
9 mins

Crinkling current affairs: Moon colonies and life in Syria

Crinkling is a national Australian newspaper for children. Editor Saffron Howden talks us through what they’ve been reporting, including seeing life in Aleppo through a child’s eyes and what a Moon…
6 mins

Welcoming refugee and migrant children through art

'Welcome to Australia' is a fantastic new initiative, started by the ABC’s kids current affairs show, Behind the News. Children across the country are creating beautiful pictures to be…
5 mins

Celebrating Roald Dahl’s magical children’s writing

Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday would have been Tuesday September 13, 2016, so Amelia Lush from Better Read Than Dead shares her four favourite stories and explains why Dahl continues…
8 mins

Avoiding unhelpful over-the-counter medications for kids

Dr Anthea Rhodes says we need to be more careful with the drugs we give our kids. She's the director of The Australian Child Health Poll from the Royal Children’s Hospital…
8 mins