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Understanding the Government childcare package and Omnibus reform

Relief for childcare costs may be one step closer now that the Government wants to separate childcare reform from the Omnibus Welfare Savings bill. Sam Page, CEO of Early…
4 mins

Why early educators are striking this Wednesday

Helen Gibbons is Assistant National Secretary for United Voice, the union for childcare workers. She explains to Shevonne Hunt why the strike is happening and how parents will be affected…
4 mins

Are multivitamins okay for kids?

Following on from Four Corners' report on the lack of regulation of vitamins, should parents give their children multivitamins? Kate Browne from Choice Australia takes us through their research into…
4 mins

Will families finally get relief from the costs of childcare?

The Government has submitted an Omnibus Bill to parliament, a bill that includes much needed financial relief for families using childcare. Jo Briskey, Executive Director of advocacy group The…
9 mins

AFL Women's League inspiring young girls

The AFL Women’s League starts tonight, podcaster Alicia Sometimes (from Outer Sanctum) is passionate about the game and believes it will be a great influence on young girls today For…
7 mins

The crippling cost of childcare

A new report has revealed low-income families are being hit harder than ever by childcare costs. Early Childhood Australia CEO Sam Page explains why the Government needs to address this issue ASAP.
9 mins