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Bringing nature into your child’s life

Penny Whitehouse from Mothernatured gives us tips on how we can all get involved in nature with our children.
10 mins

Getting on top of communicating with schools

Starting school means learning how to be on top of all your child’s activities, sports days, library days and other school correspondence. These days, this can happen through the old…
11 mins

Reading in the first year of school

Learning to read is one of the biggest things to happen to kids at school. Children’s author Jaquelyn Muller gives parents some practical tips on how they can support their…
11 mins

Twig: a picture book for shy children

Author & illustrator Aura Parker takes us through Twig, a beautiful picture book that looks at one little stick insect’s experience at school. Published by Scholastic Press 2016 and…
7 mins

Preparing your child for school in the digital age

Chances are that school has changed a bit since you were a kid. Dr Kristy Goodwin takes us through what you might see in your child’s class room in the…
15 mins

Exploring ancient Egypt with kids

Melanie Pitkin, Curator of Egyptology at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences takes us on a tour through the latest exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum, Egyptian Mummies, exploring…
15 mins