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Democratic learning: Should children be allowed to choose what and how they learn?

Just what is democratic learning? Jesse Fulcher from Where The Books Are,an organisation that aims to empower children through books, chatted to Shevonne Hunt about just that Jesse explains democratic…
11 mins

A creative-play expert explains why Lego and Duplo can really help with child development

Parents know them best as the tiny little toys with the ability to cripple an unsuspecting barefoot houseguest. Danish play expert Hanne Boutrup sees beyond the pain, and believes that…
10 mins

Why do we sing lullabies?

Do you sing your child to sleep? There’s a lot more going on than you’re probably aware Dr. Anita Collins is a researcher in the area of music education and…
13 mins

Can cartoons really be educational?

We’d like to think so, right? Just to feel less guilty? Jo Boag is the Creative Director at SLR Productions, she directed the animated series Guess How Much I Love
15 mins

Teaching code to kids

Let’s face it, most parents have no idea when it comes to coding. So how can they get the hang of it? Hayley Markham is the Head of Operations at…
8 mins

Bringing nature into your child’s life

Penny Whitehouse from Mothernatured gives us tips on how we can all get involved in nature with our children.
10 mins