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The Montessori learning philosophy

There are different styles of teaching, different approaches that often start in child care and pre school centres Montessori schools have their own approach to education that started in the…
16 mins

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation supporting young Indigenous children

Today is National Indigenous Literacy Day, which aims to improve literacy levels and opportunites for young indigenous children living in remote areas In this episode, Karen Williams from The Indigenous…
12 mins

How music therapy helps children with learning difficulties

Conditons like autism, down syndrome, cerebal palsy, developmental delays, emotional and behavioural disorders and speech impediments can hold children back Find out how music therapy can help children learn when…
13 mins

The impact of medical research on children's lives

Every day children are sadly diagnosed with various medical issues. To ensure these children live happy and healthy lives, medical research is imperative for the treatment of childhood illness and…
13 mins

Jackie French, author of Diary of a Wombat, on children's literacy

Most parents will know Jackie French's work through the delightful Diary of a Wombat, she is also the Australian Children's Laureate and Senior Australian of the year. In this interview…
15 mins

CHILD Magazine: Technology in school

The latest edition of CHILD Magazine covers the growth of technology in the classroom by looking at how children are educated today and what it will mean for the workforce…
11 mins