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The lifecycle of a butterfly

Children expect parents to know everything at that inquisitive age... like why the sky is blue, what happens when we die and how an egg is made. In this episode…
14 mins

Andrew Fuller: Unlocking Your Child's Genius

We love Andrew Fuller's new book and think you will too It's full of practical tips and inspiration (always a bonus)! for helping your child to reach their full potential…
22 mins

Is targeted teaching the way to go?

Naplan tests, parent teacher interviews and report cards are ways of finding out how your child is going at school but does it really show you a clear picture of…
14 mins

Learning about Indigenous culture and history in pre-school

Such a big part of Australia's story includes the Indigenous people of our country, their culture, their stories, their experiences Wiradjuri Preschool has a respected, strong and long standing commitment…
12 mins

Teaching kids to code: top 4 coding apps

Did you know that coding will soon be introduced in Australian schools The Government has pledged $3.5 million towards the introduction of optional computer coding across the school curriculum to…
13 mins

ReBOOKS raising funds for refugee literacy programs

ReBOOKS is a new ebook retailer donating all profits to Australian refugee literacy programs. If you'd like to donate to help get the organisation up and running check out the…
11 mins