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The most important early learning milestones

You may think that the most important thing children can learn in their early years is how to read and write. But there are five other early learning milestones in…
9 mins

How to navigate parent-teacher nights

Parent-teacher nights can be a daunting experience, we share a few simple tips to get the most out of that precious interview GUEST: Lucy Kippist, parenting and lifestyle editor at…
11 mins

How to use educational reading aids

At school, once upon a time you may have got a text book, or a tutor to help your child learn to read. Today, you can turn to technology for…
11 mins

Is your child school ready?

Going to "Big School", or starting formal education, is a big step for you and your child So how do you know if they're ready? GUEST: Michael Windred, Principal at…
14 mins

Can you change an anti-vaxxer's mind?

Vaccination, it's one of those topics that can get the parental bloods boiling In this episode we discuss what causes conscientious objection among anti-vaxxers and whether it's possible to change…
16 mins

Top 7 educational app games for kids

Some kids apps are better than others. In this episode our kids app expert, Kate Highfield gives us her top 7 best app games for 2-6 year olds GUEST: Dr…
14 mins