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Can you change an anti-vaxxer's mind?

Vaccination, it's one of those topics that can get the parental bloods boiling In this episode we discuss what causes conscientious objection among anti-vaxxers and whether it's possible to change…
16 mins

Top 7 educational app games for kids

Some kids apps are better than others. In this episode our kids app expert, Kate Highfield gives us her top 7 best app games for 2-6 year olds GUEST: Dr…
14 mins

How is the quality of early education and care determined?

What does quality mean in relation to a child's early education? How is quality assured and maintained? In this episode we talk to the organisation that oversees the quality of…
16 mins

Art for kids

Lots of art galleries around Australia are really starting to push family friendly programs and exhibitions that parents can enjoy together with their kids. In this episode we’re joined by…
9 mins

How children's brains develop

We're told time and again that early learning for children is paramount for their future success in life. In this episode we explore exactly what is happening inside children's brains…
16 mins

Get involved in your local community garden

Community gardens with worm farms, compost heaps, herb gardens, fruit and veggies are a fantastic alternative if you don’t have a huge garden at home. Especially, if you and your family…
10 mins