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Tips on moving house with children

Planning on moving house with small children in tow? We've got some tips to help things go smoothly on the big day GUEST: Lisa Hodgson, Moving Angels WEBSITE: Moving Angels,…
15 mins

Alternative pets

Pets are great for children. They’re great because they help kids develop empathy and can give them a sense of responsibility. But what if you don’t have a yard big enough…
10 mins

The importance of a healthy breakfast

How do you get your kids to eat a healthy breakfast? One of Australia's best-known nutritionists, Rosemary Stanton, reveals her healthy breakfast tips and her fussy eater secrets.  GUEST: Dr…
14 mins

Understanding children's food labelling

It's easy to get confused by the labels on children's food. We want to know the nutritional and health benefits behind the labels and marketing tactics of food manufactuers In…
11 mins

How to make a worm farm

They’re wiggly, slippery and slimy… and kids love them! They’re also good for the environment and help your plants grow. Learn how to make your own worm farm GUEST: Dianne Moy, Green…
13 mins

The glory of eggs

How do you like your eggs? Poached, scrambled? Or boiled with Vegemite soldiers? Find out how amazing eggs really are (and they’re easy food for little humans too!) Also, good…
12 mins