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Do children need to bathe every night?

How often do kids need to bathe? What if your bub's a regular bath-boycotter? Dr Elysia Thornton-Benko from Bondi Road Doctors takes us through the pros and cons of bathtime.
9 mins

Keeping children safe around driveways

Driveways are dangerous places for small children who can’t be seen from the driver’s seat. Sarah Hunstead from CPR Kids takes us through ways to keep your kids safe.
8 mins

What do immunisations protect our children from?

Dr Elysia Thornton-Benko from Bondi Road Doctors takes us through the ages our kids need to get their shots, and what they’re protected from once they get them. For specific information…
16 mins

Five signs your child is sick

How can you tell when your child is sick enough to need immediate professional help? Sarah Hunstead from CPR Kids lists the five key symptoms that should grab your attention.
9 mins

Are multivitamins okay for kids?

Following on from Four Corners' report on the lack of regulation of vitamins, should parents give their children multivitamins? Kate Browne from Choice Australia takes us through their research into…
4 mins

Teaching kids what to do in an emergency

As parents, we try to be prepared for emergencies, but what about the kids? Sarah Hunstead of CPR Kids explains the best way to have your kids ready for a…
5 mins