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Ticks: where they hide and how to remove them

Sarah Hunstead from CPR Kids tells us the latest, best information on how to remove ticks, and where you might find them in the first place.
13 mins

What you need in your family's first aid kit

Home tumbles and accidents can be inevitable with small kids, Sarah Hunstead from CPR Kids gives us her tips on what to have in your family home first aid kit. 
9 mins

What is Hand Foot and Mouth, and how can we treat it?

Sarah Hunstead from CPR Kids takes us through how to identify the Hand Foot and Mouth virus in children and what we can do to make them feel more comfortable.
9 mins

Administering first aid for children with special needs

Many parents do a basic first aid course before or just after the birth of their child. Sarah Hunstead from CPR Kids gives us some tips on how to modify…
7 mins

Stuck up kids: how to remove objects from ears and noses

It’s something you might not have thought about prior to having kids, but small humans have a way of doing strange things sometimes. Like putting a pea up their nose…
8 mins

What to know if you’re new to nosebleeds

It’s very common for children to get nosebleeds, yet it’s still alarming when your kids come running with blood pouring from their face. Sarah Hunstead from CPR Kids takes us…
6 mins